Sydney On the Art of Boudoir Photography


What types of women do you photograph?

ALL women! Of course. Do not even start to worry about your size. I mean it. In today's society it is very hard for a woman to feel confident about her looks. Every week I see women who are really struggling with their self image. It doesn't even matter if she fits super model standards...she probably still has body issues. And doesn't that just suck? Why should we all be made to feel that way? We are more than the sum of our parts and what the media tells us to be. Be strong, be yourself, and don't give a fig about what anyone says about you. I have made it my personal mission to help women see their value on the outside, and on the inside.


What are you like to work with?

I work hard to create a fun and easy going environment. I also only choose stylists that are able to do the same. The last thing a woman wants during  a boudoir shoot is to feel self conscious or uncomfortable with the other women in the room. Girl talk, real talk, silly stories, and the creation of  body positivity all take place in my studio. You can also expect for me to knock something over or temporarily lose something while shooting...I'm so very clumsy and it creates a bit of a show during your time in the studio.


Do you use natural light or studio light?

Both. I prefer natural light with a little help from studio lighting. But, I can create lighting to attain many different looks and styles that are always flattering.


How long have you been doing boudoir shoots?

My business began in 2005, and I added boudoir to the list of services around 2009. It has become my favorite type of shoot, and the largest part of my photography business.


Are you able to coach me through posing?

Yes! Absolutely. I have many years of experience in the theatre, and I believe this gives me a unique approach to a photo shoot. I have learned  techniques to get the very best poses, reactions, and expressions out of my clients. Also, I'm not afraid to be completely ridiculous if front of you in order to get a good smile. I welcome you to laugh at my expense.


Okay, so you're fun to be around, but are you a professional?

I take your privacy, comfort, and happiness very seriously. I never, ever share your images without your express permission, and I triple check the files when I am compiling the photos that I have been given permission to share. You order will be expertly produced and in a timely manner. While I am creating custom work that cannot be produced in a day, I always meet my deadlines. I also have a strict rule about the studio being a women only space during a boudoir shoot. My stylists and assistants are women who I trust implicitly.